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“Happy Birthday Jesus!” Pastor John Honold 12/23/18

December 23, 2018

“Happy Birthday Jesus!”

An incredible night in Bethlehem 2000+ year ago where shepherds experience the largest heavenly chorus ever assembled, followed by the first glimpse of the greatest baby ever born. It’s the Christmas Story, starring Jesus Christ and you! See you Sunday …

two scoops agape,
pastor john

Announcements 12/23:
Merry Christmas Journey Church Ohana!
Journey Polo Shirts are here. Those who have ordered shirts may pick up and pay after service. We will be taking more orders at the start of the new year
Honolulu Campus: This Sunday [12.23] after service, we will be hosting a catered lunch. Please plan to stay and join us for food and fellowship!
Kapolei Campus: We will have a catered “New Years” lunch immediately after service on January 6, 2019. Please join us!
Reminder to prayerfully invite friends to church this season with our “business invite cards” More available at both campuses
If you need prayer, please visit our prayer team [Kapolei campus: during worship after message; Honolulu, after service ends]. You can also email your requests to Our intercessors will pray during the week for you!

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