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“Sovereignty of Jesus” Pastor John Honold 1/13/19

January 14, 2019

“Sovereignty of Jesus”

Jesus created all that we see – the earth, moon, stars and even mankind – yet all that power pales in comparison to His gift of “forever forgiveness” and His heart to re-connect with us in a friendship like no other … spend a Sunday morning with us at one of our campuses!

two scoops agape,
pastor john

January 13, 2019

Happy New Year Journey Church Ohana!

  • Journey Polo Shirts: Orders will be taken today for shirts. Shirt type and colors will be shared during announcements
  • Are you interested in joining a MiniChurch? We are starting 2 types of groups: (1) meet in a home or designated location (2) VIRTUAL groups that will meet online. Email with your name, phone number and type of group you are interested in
  • Reminder to prayerfully invite friends to church this season with our “business invite cards” More available at both campuses
  • If you need prayer, please visit our prayer team [Kapolei campus: during worship after message; Honolulu, after service ends]. You can also email your requests to Our intercessors will pray during the week for you!

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