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“Turn the Other Cheek – what does that mean?” Pastor John Honold 11/4/18

November 4, 2018

“Turn the Other Cheek – what does that mean?”

This Sunday Jesus shares about how we are to respond to people that are mean/hurtful to us. Initial hearing is difficult, as it may sound like Christians are called to be “doormats” and “just take it” [btw, this view often stirs us to be way too defensive and reactive )-; … HOWEVER, a better understanding is needed, cuz WE ARE NOT EVER, EVER DOORMATS! We are so much more, so much more!”

We have services in Kapolei at 830AM [message only taught this week by Bob Ford] and 10AM [worship, teaching and programs for the children]; and in Honolulu at 8AM.

two scoops agape,
pastor john

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