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The 8 Acts of Devotion: Prayer- Pastor John Honold 5/12/19

May 16, 2019

Sunday May 12, 2019

The 8 Acts of Devotion: Prayer

“Happy Mother’s Day” Moms!

I love the song “Deep cries out to Deep.” It is from Psalm 42:7. It is an invitation from the Deep [intimate heart of God] to the most intimate part of my heart, “my deep.” Join us this Sunday as we explore the reality of having a two-way conversation with God – PRAYER.

two scoops agape,
pastor john

Sunday May 12, 2019​​​

Happy Mothers Day!

Pastor John will be teaching at both campuses,continuing the series “The 8 Acts of Devotionfrom Acts 2:42-47
We will celebrate COMMUNION at both campuses next Sunday [05.19]
1. We are praying to get new MiniChurches [in person and Virtual] started at both campuses. If you currently lead a group, can you let me know either at church or via email
2. Honolulu Campus: Pastor Aaron Suzuki  and Pastor Randy Ishida will coordinate the start of new MiniChurches
3. Kapolei Campus: Pastor John will coordinate start of new MiniChurches
4. Our hope is to get our MiniChurches ready to go by the start of our next series, “VICTORY OVER THE DARKNESS: What it means to be a CHILD OF GOD” [beginning July 7th]
If you need prayer, please visit our prayer team [Kapolei campus: during worship after message; Honolulu, after service ends]. You can also email your requests to Our intercessors will pray during the week for you!


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